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Cheap Cremation Services

Nieto Funeral Home & Crematory has provided cheap cremation services to the families of Laredo, Texas and surrounding communities since 1933. As an affordable cremation provider, you can choose from a variety of memorial options for you or your loved one, if your budget allows, or a direct cremation. Our educated cremation professionals will be with you every step of the way to ensure you select the right choices to fit your needs.

Low Cost Cremations

In these tough economic times, we know that many families are seeking inexpensive, yet memorable services.  Funeral homes today, many owned by large, out of state corporations, charge high prices to make up for their high overhead costs.  However, because we do not have lavish facilities or maintain a large fleet of luxury vehicles, we are able to save you thousands of dollars without sacrificing the quality of service you expect.

Contact Us

Nieto Funeral Home & Crematory is located in Laredo, Texas and provides services to all of the surrounding communities. If you have an immediate need or have additional questions, please call us at (956) 723-3723. Our professionals would be happy to assist you and answer questions about the cremation services we provide. You may also fill out our preplanning forms to plan a funeral or cremation service. 

Why Choose Cremation?

Cremation is on the rise and has become a popular choice among many people today. There are many reasons why people are choosing cremation over funerals. One of the reasons being is that cremation is considered more affordable than a traditional funeral. Direct cremation, which does not include a funeral or memorial service, tends to cost ΒΌ less than a traditional burial. The national average cost of funerals is roughly $6,500, compared to the cremation cost of about $1,600. However, all of this depends on the different services you add on such as urns, vaults and containers.

With cremation you can select the location. You may choose to scatter the ashes in a body of water or any location that is special to you or your loved one. Cremation allows you the option to keep your loved with you wherever you go whether that be in an urn or jewelry. Traditional burial typically is completed at a cemetery where you must visit afterwards. In some cases, the cemetery is not close to your home.

Cremation also provides you flexibility to arrange a time for a memorial service that is convenient for your family. With funerals you typically are under a time constraint to make arrangements and create something memorable. People often feel rushed. When you select cremation you can choose to take months as you plan a service.